[Buildbot-devel] forcing to build each change

Fabian Sturm f at rtfs.org
Fri Nov 10 00:58:04 UTC 2006

Dear buildbot community!

I just set up my first buildbot and it already seems to do something :-)

But since I have a different development process I would like to know if
the following is possible. I want to do a compile and testcyle whenever 
a new label is created in the repository. So I wrote a custom change
source which triggers a change on any new label.

Sometimes the users might create several labels in a small amount of
time. And as I read the builders are then allowed to skip a change and
only uild the newest change. 

But I want to force a build for each label (change) that gets pushed to
buildbot so that I can say, after this label the tree got broken.
Is this a configuration option and doable by buildbot?

Thanks a lot, Fabian

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