[Buildbot-devel] RSS feeds and microsummaries

Lieven Govaerts lgo at mobsol.be
Wed Nov 8 22:03:27 UTC 2006

christian unger wrote:
 > I think it would be more informative to have the builder's name
> instead of the bot's name in the feed's header,
> if you have e.g. more than one builder on one bot.
Yep, I agree. For now we only have one bot per builder, but that's
probably going to change in the future. I've changed it in the latest

> Also would it be cool to be able to make the feed configurable to  
> only display the changes from PBChangeSource, maybe in addition with  
> the failed builds.
We're not using PBChangeSource, so I'm not sure I see what you mean here.


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