[Buildbot-devel] RSS feeds and microsummaries

Lieven Govaerts lgo at mobsol.be
Wed Nov 8 21:57:10 UTC 2006

Grig Gheorghiu wrote:
> Hi, Lieven
> Thank you very much for making your code public. I was able to
> incorporate it into the Pybots buildbot farm (http://pybots.org
> <http://pybots.org>), with just a small change necessary for people
> running Python 2.3 and earlier. It has to do with the sort method, which
> doesn't have the "key" keyword argument in Python 2.3. Here's my code:
>     # We apply Decorate-Sort-Undecorate
>     deco = [(build.getTimes(), build) for build in builds]
>     deco.sort()
>     deco.reverse()
>     builds = [build for (b1, build) in deco]
> This replaces this line in Feeder.py:
> builds.sort (key=lambda build: build.getTimes(), reverse=True)

Thanks for that code update, I'm running on 2.4 myself, but I added this
snippet in the comments so other people can use it if needed.

I think you're doing a great job with your pybots project btw. I
subscribed to your mailing list today, it's always intersting to follow
up on how other projects managing their automated build & test setup.


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