[Buildbot-devel] one-time locks?

Robert Helmer robert at roberthelmer.com
Tue Nov 7 07:30:03 UTC 2006

Robert Helmer wrote:
> I have been reading the docs for the MasterLock/SlaveLock classes, they 
> are close to what I need but not quite :)
> What I'd like is to have a set of builders like so:
> linux-trunk-1
> linux-trunk-2
> linux-trunk-3
> If there is a checkin, I'd like the first available server to do the 
> build. If I do not use a MasterLock, then all available servers do the 
> build in parallel; if I use a MasterLock, then they all do the build 
> serially :)
> What I really need is for the first available server to do the build, 
> and the others don't need to do anything (until there is a new checkin). 
> Am I approaching this correctly? :)
> I need to do more complicated variations in the future, but for now I'd 
> be happy if I can get this going.

Alright, I broke down and read the manual :) Assigning multiple slaves 
to one Builder is what I want, passing a list to the "slavenames" 
option. I was naively setting up two separate Builders, after reading 
the relevant part of the manual I get the distinction between Builders 
and BuildSlaves now.


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