[Buildbot-devel] AnyBranchScheduler in update mode

Carl Dionne cdionne at quazal.com
Sat Nov 4 02:34:28 UTC 2006

I recently started using BuildBot.  It looks really great. :-)


I would like to configure BuildBot to automatically perform a quick
build, in update mode, for all commits done in any branches.  The
AnyBranchScheduler almost does the job, except that since it works by
creating new schedulers sharing the same builder, performing a cvs
update may involve changing many files by moving from one branch to
another one, and will slow down compile.


Is there a way to achieve this?


I also tried changing the AnyBranchScheduler to create new builders as
it creates new schedulers, where these builders would be using a
separate build, but I don't know how to let BuildBot know that it should
activate or use these new builders, after they have been added to the






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