[Buildbot-devel] Is that possible to add more Build Properties.

Zhao, Jing Jing.Zhao at ChasePaymentech.com
Tue May 30 14:29:25 UTC 2006

 I just figured out how to add more Build Properties to BuildBot. Since we use 'Force Build' a lot, all the extra build properties are passed into build process via html.py 
 1. create new sourcestamp.py, my sourcestamp.py is called cpt_sourcestamp.py  

 #from buildbot.sourcestamp import SourceStamp
 from buildbot.cpt_sourcestamp import SourceStamp
   add     scrnumber = None   # scrnumber is our own properties. 
           compare_attrs = ('branch', 'revision', 'scrnumber', 'patch', 'changes')

           def __init__(self, branch=None, revision=None, scrnumber=None, patch=None,

               self.scrnumber = scrnumber

   make sure your own properties arguments into returned newsource. 

  2. Modify status/html.py to add your own properties. 
        in Class StatusResourceBuilder and body attribute, add properties. 

                + make_row("SCR in build:",
                           "<input type='text' name='scr' />")
        in force attribute, add following code.   
          scrnumber = request.args.get("scr", [""])[0]

          if scrnumber == "":
             scrnumber = None

        Make sure all the properties are add to SourceStamp. 
         s = SourceStamp(branch=branch, revision=revision, scrnumber=scrnumber)

  3. in process/base.py, in Build class, setupStatus attribute,  add following code
            self.setProperty("scrnumber", self.source.scrnumber)

  that is all. 

  I just think how to make this feature generic. Something like Force Build accepts html template, based on the field names of the form, Buildbot dynamically adds all the other than default properties to build. There are a lot of work to be done on 'Force Build' 

  Post your thought, let us make a change. 
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> What other properties would you like? The user's manual section on build
> properties[1] describes the existing ones and how to allow your own custom
> steps to create new ones.. are there other properties that would be useful on
> the build overall (as opposed to being specific to one of your custom steps)
> that don't exist yet?

perhaps i'm too blind to see, but from the memtioned manual section it 
is not clear to me how i would be able to create own custom  build 
properties that i could e.g. use for passing textual information between 
buildsteps, which would be very important to me.



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