[Buildbot-devel] Is that possible to add more Build Properties.

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Mon May 29 16:28:47 UTC 2006

>From: "Zhao, Jing" <Jing.Zhao at ChasePaymentech.com>
>  I am looking for build tool. BuildBot's features attract me. I downloaded
>  latest version 0.7.3 and tested it a little bit. I found i needed passing
>  more Build Properties to test and deploy shell command. Could someone shed
>  some light on this issue? Thanks,

What other properties would you like? The user's manual section on build
properties[1] describes the existing ones and how to allow your own custom
steps to create new ones.. are there other properties that would be useful on
the build overall (as opposed to being specific to one of your custom steps)
that don't exist yet?

>  BTW, i turned on manhole port and did not know how to use it. I checked
>  the manual and did not find any instructions. Appreciate if you can point
>  somewhere i can find helps.

It's documented in the section[2] on "Debug options". If you look at the
manual in the 'info' browser then you get a nice index, such that typing "i
manhole <RET>" will take you right to the section. The HTML version that's
online has this index sitting at the very bottom.. look for the link entitled

If those docs aren't sufficient, please let me know.


[1]: http://buildbot.sourceforge.net/manual-0.7.3.html#Build-Properties
[2]: http://buildbot.sourceforge.net/manual-0.7.3.html#Debug-options

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