[Buildbot-devel] Antw: Waterfall displaying name of a step.

Niklaus Giger Niklaus.Giger at netstal.com
Mon May 22 14:29:02 UTC 2006


Good Question. I tried to answer it with my patch
Which looks like:

 the name used to describe the step on the status
display. It is also
used to give a name to any LogFiles created by this step.

+ at item description
+describes the running step on the build display.
+ at item descriptionDone
+describes the completed step on the build display
(regardless whether it
+succeeded or failed)

So just add option "description" and "descriptionDone".

Best regards

Niklaus Giger

>>> Paul Gregory<aqsis1 at gmail.com> 22.05.06
15:01:36 >>>

I have a buildbot running at http://build.aqsis.org. Some of the build
configurations have extra steps, implemented as ShellCommands, I have given
the steps a 'name' but Waterfall still displays the command. Is there any
way to get a friendly name shown for arbitrary ShellCommand steps? Here is
one of the builders from my master.cfg for reference...

f4 = factory.BuildFactory([source2,
        s(step.Compile, workdir="build/aqsis", command="scons mingw=true
boost_include_path=\\projects\\boost_1_33_1 win_installer
        s(step.ShellCommand, name="publish", workdir="build/aqsis/output",
command="pscp -i %PUBLISHER_KEYFILE% aqsis-setup-1_1_0.exe
publisher at aqsis1.osuosl.org 

win32_mingw_update = {'name': "win32_mingw_update",
      'slavename': "khepri",
      'builddir': "win32_mingw_update",
      'factory': f4,


Paul Gregory
ICQ: 156088409

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