[Buildbot-devel] Re: release clock started

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Mon May 22 08:38:18 UTC 2006

Niklaus Giger writes:
> What bothers me is the new failure
> [FAIL]: buildbot.test.test_vc.SVN.testCheckout

>   self.failUnlessEqual(bs.getProperty("got_revision"), expected)
>twisted.trial.unittest.FailTest: None != 3

That's a test of new functionality that I added to the existing SVN unit
tests. It was easier to add the additional check than to write a brand new
test for the new feature. I believe that the failure of that check does not
indicate a failure of SVN in general. (commenting out that line and
re-running the test is the way to be sure, of course).

The new feature is that all VC checkout/update methods now look at the tree
that they've just checked out (or updated) to find out what revision they
actually got. In general this ought to be the same as the revision they
intended to get, but if the build was of "trunk" (i.e. the latest code, with
no particular revision specified), then the "got_revision" will be defined
while the intended "revision" will be undefined (== None). Both 'revision'
and 'got_revision' are visible as build properties.

The failure of that check probably means that the regexp used by the
buildslave-side SVN checkout command failed to match. I think it uses 'svn
info' and looks for 'Revision: NNN' in the output. I'm pretty sure I set it
up to use LC_ALL=C, but maybe I screwed that up.

Niklaus, if you could look at buildbot.slave.commands.SVN.parseGotRevision
and add a log.msg() or two to the _parse() method, to dump the text that it's
searching, I think that would help us determine what the problem is. Maybe it
would appropriate to emit a warning to the logfile if the regexp fails to
match, and include the 'svn info' output in the message.


PS: something seems to have gotten screwed up about your mailing list post..
I thought I hit the "accept" button after Mailman snagged it for review
because it exceeded a size limit, but maybe I messed up. If it hasn't shown
up by tomorrow, please re-post it.

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