[Buildbot-devel] [waterfall] Can build page be re-ordered?

Stephen Davis buildbot at soundgeek.org
Mon May 8 21:15:19 UTC 2006

buildbot 0.7.2

In the html waterfall page for a particular build, the order of stuff  
shown is:

Project URL
Build <build name>: #N
Resubmit Build:
Steps and Logfiles:
All Changes:

First, the SourceStamp only has "Changes: see below" which is not  

Most of the time, I want to see the reason, result, blame list, and  
the list of changes.  The various log files and steps are already  
available from the front page of the waterfall so they seem redundant  

I can rejigger my own copy of the master to re-order these items but  
wanted to ask others on the list if they do or do not like the  
current default order.

What I would like to propose is moving at least the following items  
after the "All Changes" group:

Resubmit Build:
Steps and Logfiles:

I'm not sure what else can be in the Sourcestamp section but I'm all  
for moving that too.  I realize that it may contain much more  
relevant info for other setups but I looked at the Twisted & VLC  
buildbots and they show the same behavior (i.e. no unique info in the  
SourceStamp area).  The gstreamer/spamassasin/ethereal/Nuxeo/Zope  
buildbots don't have the SourceStamp line but they are only running  
0.6.x so this appears to be new for the 0.7.x series.


P.S.  The Mono project is apparently writing their own buildbot in  
Perl (ick) even though they are currently running a buildbot.   
Traitors!  :-)

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