[Buildbot-devel] Change links question

Stephen Davis stephendavis at mac.com
Sat May 6 03:53:10 UTC 2006

I updated my Change source to add a single links=["http:// 
myserver/..."] attribute to each change so that I could have a handy  
URL reference to the changeset that produced the build.  Trouble is,  
it doesn't seem to go anywhere and doesn't show up on any of the  
waterfall pages or in the twistd.log on the master.

	2006/05/05 20:44 PDT [-] adding change, who stephend, 14 files,  
rev=54479, branch=None, comments Fix Id expansion and EOL style.

If I do a test of my Change creation by doing:

	print change.who, change.revision, change.files, change.links,  

then I see the single link show up so I think I'm creating the Change  
object properly.

Am I confusing buildbot by only putting one link even though there  
are multiple files?  I'm using Subversion so I only need one link to  
refer to each change.

I'm using 0.7.2.

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