[Buildbot-devel] one master - multiple projects

Alexander Lorenz lorenz at testingtech.de
Thu May 4 14:44:43 UTC 2006


as discussed in former mailings, it is obvious that buildbot was 
originally designed to be used in a way that assigns one project to one 
as also discussed, this is a limitation that does not meet everybody's 
building/testing requirements,and we are one of these companies.
to avoid redundancies and for the sake of simplicity of use for all 
involved developers, it is very desirable for us to have one master 
handle  all our projects.

when you try to do this, several obvious issues occur, and i don't know 
how far these have been noticed and made part of future plans for buildbot.
the so far most important question being: is there a way that only those 
changes are shown in the waterfall display, the mails, the blamelist and 
so on, that are important for one of the schedulers, and not just _all_ 
we have a very large cvs, lots of people committing, but only a few 
projects built with buildbot.
the current situation leads to a bloated up waterfall display with 
changes that noone is interested in, an incorrect blamelist and change 
list with authors that commited _some_thing, bu nothing of importance to 
the project.

thanks and regards


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