[Buildbot-devel] Revision number mixup

Daniel Benamy dbenamy at redhat.com
Fri Jun 30 18:29:51 UTC 2006

I'm seeing a weird problem here with revision numbers for checkouts. I've got 
2 builders set up. They check out sources from different subversion servers. 
They each have their own scheduler which get notified by post-commit scripts 
on the two servers. There are fileIsImportant functions passed to the 
schedulers so each one only fires when it should.
Here's the problem I'm seeing: If a change happens on the first builder's 
repo, it updates and runs it's steps and everything's happy. Then if a change 
comes in for the second builder, it tries to update it's working copy to the 
revision number that was just used by the first builder, which is wrong for 
that repo. On subsequent changes to the second tree, it updates to the right 
revision and everything works. Further updates that happen to the first tree 
trigger the first builder to update to the right revision, so it's a one way 
thing. And right now it happens _every_ time the second builder is triggered 
following the first builder. It also happened once the first time the second 
builder was triggered after a few buildbot master restarts even though the 
most recent build was on that second builder with the right revision. Any 
ideas as to what could cause this?

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