[Buildbot-devel] OpenWengo Code Camp participation proposal

Mark Pauley mpauley at apple.com
Wed Jun 21 18:37:39 UTC 2006

A buddy of mine is close to finishing a Jabber client, who can I  
point him to for help with getting the work integrated?


On Jun 21, 2006, at 11:34 AM, Brian Warner wrote:

> Hi all.. I've been out of town for a few days, sorry I didn't  
> respond to this
> earlier.
>> we decided to setup our own event, called OpenWengo Code Camp. It  
>> will
>> start pretty soon (probably tomorrow). During this event, we'd  
>> like to
>> sponsor a software development effort to enhance buildbot's
>> functionnalities, and we identified the SQL backend as a good  
>> candidate.
> Excellent! My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone at OpenWengo for
> contributing so much to this project. You folks rock.
> None of Google's SoC students ended up doing a Buildbot project, so  
> the field
> is wide open. The SQL backend is an excellent choice, as everybody  
> wants it
> (starting with me!), SQL is one of those things that a lot of  
> students know
> and are taught these days, and it's probably a reasonable scope for
> completion over the summer. Some other projects I mentioned back in my
> 6-May-2006 email include Problem Tracking, better tracking of build  
> metrics
> like memory footprint and code size, some sort of code-coverage  
> display,
> better IM clients, and maybe a Trac plugin. A number of these will  
> be a lot
> easier to write once the SQL backend is in place.
> Also take a look at the sf.net project page in the "Enhancement  
> Request"
> section[1], as there are some good project ideas in there. Some of  
> those are
> probably a bit small for a summer project, but they might give you  
> some
> inspiration. Please post any ideas you have here so the user  
> community can
> jump in on which features are in the highest demand.
> And of course I'm eager and willing to help out any students who  
> take on one
> of these projects. The better communication we have with anybody  
> writing
> buildbot code, the better the chances we can get that code into the  
> trunk
> where everyone can take advantage of it.
> cheers, and thanks again to OpenWengo for putting so much time (and  
> money)
> into the Buildbot!
>  -Brian
> [1]: https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=73177&atid=537004
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