[Buildbot-devel] BuildBot on RHEL3/Centos3.X

Scott Lamb slamb at slamb.org
Mon Jun 19 21:57:49 UTC 2006

On Jun 19, 2006, at 10:41 AM, Michael March wrote:
> I am trying to get BuildBot going on Centos3.6.. but it looks like the
> current requirements for Twisted require 2.3.X.. and Centos comes with
> 2.2.X..

Where do you see that requirement? 0.7.2 worked with Twisted-1.3.0 or  
later. I'm not sure about 0.7.3, but head requires Twisted-2.0.0 or  
later. I'm using Twisted 2.2.0 with no problems.

But I don't think Twisted 2.2.x even existed when RHEL3 (on which  
CentOS 3.6 is based) was created. And my CentOS 4.1 system didn't  
have Twisted at all until I built an RPM myself. What RPM are you  

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