[Buildbot-devel] problem with 'builddir' property of builders ...

Alexander Lorenz lorenz at testingtech.de
Wed Jun 14 13:46:59 UTC 2006


i have several builders that build the same factory on different slaves 
with different os'ses.
in some buildsteps i have to use absolute paths on some previous 
buildstep's results, so i assigned the same 'builddir' property name 
[project] to all builders.

now i get an error message: "builder x tries to reuse builddir [project]".

what is the problem here? i use different builders on different slave 
machines, so the same builddir name should not be problematic.

this is very annoying. i have to find a way to circumvent this, 
otherwise i will be forced to have lengths of redundant code with just a 
dirname in the paths changed.

a builder should "recognize" that the same builddir is ok if the slave 
machine is a different one ...

any help is welcome...



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