[Buildbot-devel] buildbot repository: darcs-vs-CVS-vs-Arch

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Sat Jun 3 18:48:10 UTC 2006

So I changed the way buildbot's main repository is maintained recently (after
the 0.7.3 release). It shouldn't be visible to most users but I wanted to
describe the new scheme here so folks would know what's going on behind the

Buildbot users can retrieve the latest source code from four sources:

 sf.net developer's CVS  (only available to project members)
 sf.net anonymous (pserver) CVS  (suffers from a 3 to 5 hour latency)
 Arch (served from sf.net's webservers)
 Darcs (also served from sf.net's webservers)

Previously, sf.net's CVS repository was the canonical source for buildbot
code. I had a two-way sync between Arch and CVS running on my home
workstation, and a one-way sync from Arch to Darcs also running at home. I
would usually commit to Arch and let the sync script migrate it over to CVS.

old:    Arch <-> CVS
old:     |
old:     \---> Darcs

Post-0.7.3, I've rearranged this to make Darcs the canonical source
repository. There is a one-way sync to CVS that runs automatically upon each
checkin. There is also a one-way sync to Arch that I have to run by hand (so
it tends to be a few days behind):

new:     Darcs -+----> CVS
new:            |
new:             \--(manual)--> Arch

Users who get code from CVS should see no change. Users who get code from
Darcs should see no change. Users who get code from Arch may see the arch
tree fall slightly behind when I commit code to Darcs from, say, work (where
it isn't convenient to trigger the darcs->arch sync script). Developers who
might want to commit code to CVS: don't do that, your changes will be lost..
mail me a patch (perhaps a 'darcs send' patch) instead.


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