[Buildbot-devel] ppp -> peculiar python problem

Alexander Lorenz lorenz at testingtech.de
Wed Jul 5 10:24:35 UTC 2006

i have found the solution for this problem by now and want to share my 

in our mixed os environrnent i am using a central buildbot installation 
- for efficiency and easy maintenance - for both linux and windows.
now windows only understands a file as python if it has the .py ending, 
so i renamed the 'buildbot' script in buildbot/bin to 'buildbot.py'.
by doing so, i seem to have raised a naming conflict: python apparently 
now saw 'buildbot.py' as a package/module file, so that when 
interpreting the line "from buildbot.scripts import runner", it looked 
in the file 'buildbot.py' itself and not in the dir 'buildbot/scripts/' 
for the runner module, and thus did not find anything of course.

renaming 'buildbot.py' to 'buildbot_command.py' finally solved the problem.



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