[Buildbot-devel] [bjam] SHELL enhancements?

Rene Rivera grafik.list at redshift-software.com
Fri Jan 27 18:04:04 UTC 2006

Once upon a time there was a request to change the SHELL builtin to be 
able to get the result code of the command run. At the time I pointed 
out the problem of having to return 2 values, the captured output and 
the result code, which would break existing uses. This morning I had an 
idea that would allow us to have the result code but still maintain 
compatibility. I'm proposing we change the rule to be:

	SHELL ( command : * )

Where options would allow for specifying an "exit-status" option to also 
return the wanted status. This would also allow for future expansion for 
example to allow "no-output" (don't capture output just run), and 
"input" (to feed strings into the command).


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