[Buildbot-devel] little nits with process.step

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Tue Jan 24 01:59:16 UTC 2006


playing with the code in process/step.py a bit, I ran into
some minor issues which look like typos or similar:

* Source derives from ShellCommand but only calls the
   BuildStep constructor (ShellCommand has a non-trivial constructor,
   so that shouldn't be skipped !)

* ShellCommand.describe references self.cmd.command if self.description
   is None, but some subclasses set self.cmd to LoggedRemoteCommand, which
   doesn't have a 'command' attribute.

I'v just started to look into buildbot code, so I may be misunderstanding
a lot (in case that wasn't clear already ;-) ). I just thought the above code
looked suspicious, so if it isn't a typo, may be some comment could help
clarify things.

Thanks !


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