[Buildbot-devel] multiple subversion repositories

Joel Becker Joel.Becker at oracle.com
Mon Jan 23 23:58:51 UTC 2006

On Mon, Jan 23, 2006 at 03:15:34PM -0800, Brian Warner wrote:
> Is there any particular reason you want both projects to be handled by the
> same buildmaster? It may be the case that the projects are better served by
> separate buildmaster instances. Our multiple-subproject support isn't very
> strong right now, but to figure out what needs to be done to improve it, it
> would help me to understand what your motivations.. are the subprojects being
> combined together somehow? Are there buildsteps which use source code from
> both projects together at some point? Or is it just a reporting convenience,
> having one web page instead of two?

	Having N projects means running N buildmasters, means allocating
and keeping track of (!!) N TCP ports.
	Then, on the buildslaves, you have to start N slaves * M chroots
(in my configuration), again keeping track of all the different ports.
	So I do, indeed, use fileIsImportant() to switch among many
different projects.



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