[Buildbot-devel] sharing data among builders (build steps)

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 23 20:19:15 UTC 2006

Dobes Vandermeer wrote:

>>Is there some way for both builder types to share variables such as their
>>respective workdirs etc. that I would use for the data transfer ?
> It really depends on how you want to handle concurrency.  If the two
> builders can share the same workdir, and the second is dependent
> (always runs if the first runs), why not just tack the build steps of
> the second onto the first?
> I suppose, if you were triggering several builders from the dependent
> scheduler, your motivation would be to have more concurrency (e.g. run
> several reports at once).  In this case you'll probably want to copy
> the results of the initial build into a folder which won't be
> overwritten by the next build (which might also run concurrently to
> the reports being run).  If you have a version control system with
> incrementing numerical source stamps, you could probably use that to
> create a uniquely named folder which is still identifiable by the
> report build steps, and put that "somewhere".

Let me rephrase my use case, hopefully that will illustrate my point:

I want to generate a 'test report' that covers a number of builds
with varying platforms / configurations, but all associated to the
same revision / branch.

In order to do that I need to collect the test results from all
individual builds, and then run some command that post-processes
them into a report.

Up to now I have done all this manually, I.e. for each platform / config,
I set up a workdir, check out, configure, 'make check', and upload
the results to some 'test result' aggregator.
Then I run my post-processing applet with the set of results files.

Would it be possible to add a build step to each of the upstream
builders that uploads the test results to the host running the
build master ? Are there variables indicating the 'master host',
'master work dir', etc., that I could use for this ?

It should be enough to have these variables accessible to the master.cfg
file, as I will set up the uploading BuildStep from there.


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