[Buildbot-devel] Re: [Python-Dev] Buildbot: doing occasional full builds

Trent Mick trentm at ActiveState.com
Wed Jan 11 21:25:30 UTC 2006

[skip at pobox.com wrote]
>     Trent> Specifically are you concerned about the readability of the
>     Trent> waterfall page or other things (maintainability or something)? If
>     Trent> the former, perhaps we could get some mileage out of the query
>     Trent> args that Brian mentioned:
> One concern might be performance.  All buildbot slaves are contributed
> hardware.  I don't mind the load on my Mac (it's a dual processor g5), but
> it may be an issue for other people.  Does/can buildbot run at a lower
> priority or is it just a matter of nice-ing the slave process at startup?

As (I think) Brian mentioned, the scheduler for the (proposed) "full
builder" could be setup to just build, say, once per day or only a couple
of times per day where as the "incremental builder" would trigger for
every SVN checkin.

Nicing could probably also be done.


Trent Mick
trentm at activestate.com

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