[Buildbot-devel] multiple subversion repositories

Mark <line72> Dillavou mlists at line72.net
Wed Jan 11 14:30:59 UTC 2006

I am trying to setup a single buildmaster that has multiple subversion
repositories (project1 and project2).  I have two schedulers, one for
each repository that uses the fileIsImportant, and I currently have to
builders, one to build each repository.  I have also modified the
svn_buildbot.py to include the repository path as the first item in the
comments.  Then, in my master.cfg I have:

def checkProject1(changes):
        cs = changes.comments.split(' ')
	if cs[0] == "/svn/project1":
        	return True
        return False

def checkProject2(changes):
        cs = changes.comments.split(' ')
	if cs[0] == "/svn/project2":
        	return True
        return False

c['schedulers'].append(Scheduler(name="project1", branch=None,

c['schedulers'].append(Scheduler(name="project2", branch=None,

If I make a commit on project1, then only project1 builds (which is what
I want).  If I then make a commit on project2, then only project2
builds, but project2 tries to build not only the latest commit for
project2, but also the previous commit from project1.

For Example:
-commit on project1, revision 3000
 -builder1 builds project1, revision 3000
-commit on project1, revision 3001
 -builder1 builds project1, revision 3001
-commit on project2, revision 150
 -builder2 builds project2, revisions 3000, 3001, and 150

And of course, since project2 doesn't have a revision 3000 or 3001 it
fails when checking out the code.  I'm confused as to why each scheduler
is queuing up the changes of the other scheduler even when the
filesIsImportant is returning false.

Thanks in advance,

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