[Buildbot-devel] How to get buildbot to read custom css

Robert Mecklenburg rmecklenburg at s5w.com
Thu Dec 28 15:53:07 UTC 2006

I'm a newbie to buildbot and style sheets, so please forgive the
elementary questions.

1. How do I get buildbot to read my style sheet rather than its own? I
   tried creating a buildbot.css and placing it in various places
   around the master account directory tree (e.g., $HOME, directory of
   the buildbot executable, directory of the classic.css, etc.) but it
   never seemed to find my css file.

2. In the current release, the "current activity" table cell does not
   have its own class="Activity", rather this clause is in the table
   row.  I found several sites (http://buildbot.nuxeo.org/,
   http://buildbot.zope.org/) that have the "Activity" attached to the
   cell and they have a nicer look (the "current activity" text can be
   formatted to match the idle/offline elements.  Could this change be
   made in the next release?

Robert Mecklenburg

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