[Buildbot-devel] Feature request: button on the waterfall to start a "waiting" build

Benoit Sigoure tsuna at lrde.epita.fr
Tue Dec 26 06:21:16 UTC 2006

Quoting Brian Warner <warner-buildbot at lothar.com>:

>> That's exactly what I'd like: short-circuit the timeout. If I commit then
>> go to the buildbot waterfall and click "force build", the buildbot will
>> start a new build while the one triggered by my commit will still remain
>> scheduled once the timeout has elapsed.
> Yeah, that is an excellent reason to have a way to short-circuit the timeout.
> The way I'll probably implement this is to have a page just for the
> Scheduler, which lists all the pending builds that are waiting for their
> trees to become stable. Then we can have a button for each such pending build
> to bypass the timer.
> Could somebody file an enhancement request for this one on sf.net?
> thanks,
> -Brian



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