[Buildbot-devel] update on the next release (and a suggestion)

Niklaus Giger niklaus.giger at member.fsf.org
Wed Dec 6 19:27:41 UTC 2006

Brian Warner wrote:

> Just a status report on how the next release is looking.. 
> I'm hoping to get this code done over the weekend, and then we can let it
> burn-in for a week or two before cutting the next release.
Using darcs to follow your progress, I noted that you did quite a few work
for more than a weekend.

I am very interested in a few of the new features (e.g. SVNPoller,
FileUp/Download and have tested them in my test environment. Also
the trial tests pass without any errors on my GNU/Debian machine.

Therefore I would like to ask if you could give us a hint when the next
version will be out.

Another question is, that I would have found it nice to specify the
attributes for a downloaded file, as I would like to download some test
scripts which have to be executed on the slave. And I would prefer to
specify in a Shell step "./my_bash.sh", instead of
[ "/bin/bash", "my_bash.sh"]. Would you accept patches for this? Or do you
consider it a too big security risk?

Best regards

Niklaus Giger

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