[Buildbot-devel] Building from multiple sources

Alexander Lorenz lorenz at testingtech.de
Tue Aug 22 08:34:12 UTC 2006

you're welcome, kevin. ;)

Alexander Lorenz wrote:
> hi kevin,
> try using the 'workdir' parameter for your buildsteps. this creates 
> different subdirs inside the builddir on the slave.
> i use this to check out several projects into different subdirs in one 
> build and then let one project do things with the other project.
> hth
> alex
> Kevin Campbell wrote:
>> Is it possible to build from multiple sources with buildbot? The 
>> specific
>> use case here is that we have our own internal customer management 
>> software,
>> which makes use of our open source release. This needs to run it's 
>> test suite
>> against the current development version of the open source release, 
>> in order for us to spot problems early on where possible.
>> Ideally it would be best to have buildbot check out the latest 
>> version of
>> both pieces of software and run the test suite for the internal customer
>> management software, with the test suite being supplied the path of 
>> the latest version of the open source release on disk. Multiple step.SVN
>> commands doesn't seem to work, as that expects a single build directory,
>> and will just overwrite the previous checkout.
>> There doesn't seem to be an obvious way of doing this within the 
>> design of
>> buildbot. I could bodge a workaround, but this seems a common enough use
>> case that there should be a clean way to do this.
>> Does anyone have any ideas?
>> Regards,
>> Kevin
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