[Buildbot-devel] svn_buildbot.py: two leading chars missing in changes

Riccardo Magliocchetti rmagliocchetti at nesit.it
Wed Aug 16 08:11:15 UTC 2006

Alle 02:38, sabato 12 agosto 2006, Luis Armendariz ha scritto:

Hi Luis, all

> I should've replied earlier, though, since I had actually looked at the
> output from `svnlook changed' and I could've sworn I counted exactly
> 4 columns before the paths. I guess Olivier Bonnet got confused since

I found another problem with this code, if we have a bigger path in the log 
some chars are eated.

Something like that, see below. The strange thing is that some logs are 
correct and AFAIR in my svn_buildbot.py the number was already set to 4.

* obar/trunk/Makefile
that should be foobar.

Looking at the code the call to strip() seems unneeded since we are not 
considering the leading n chars already and AFAIU the leading chars from 
svnlook are always 4 being them whitespace or chars. Unfortunately i don't 
know how to verify the last sentence. I suppose that the call to strip() was 
hiding the problem when only the first char was not taken in account.

So i'd like to get the attached patch reviewed and possibly accepted.

riccardo magliocchetti
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