[Buildbot-devel] [patch] portable pathsep for PYTHONPATH

Kevin Turner kevin at janrain.com
Wed Aug 2 03:51:22 UTC 2006

oh, there's probably a patch tracker on sf.net, isn't there.  should I
be using that?

slave.ShellCommand has a little special case for PYTHONPATH, which is
very useful, but if you specify PYTHONPATH as "foo:bar" in master.cfg
and your windows buildslave wants it to be "foo;bar", you have problems.

The attached patch lets you specify it as ["foo", "bar"] and then pastes
it together with the appropriate os.pathsep on the slave's side,
although you do have to make sure you upgrade *all* your builders if you
do that in your master.cfg, as it is an incompatible change.

...and with that, I actually have buildbot testing our Python libraries
on win32.  Hooray!

 - Kevin

<shameless_plug>(working on libs to help people with
http://iwantmyopenid.com/bounty )</>

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New patches:

[slave.commands.ShellCommand: handle os.pathsep in PYTHONPATH
Kevin Turner <kevin at janrain.com>**20060802025845
 making PYTHONPATH even more of a magic special-case in the environs.
] {
hunk ./buildbot/slave/commands.py 212
-            if (self.environ.has_key('PYTHONPATH')
-                and environ.has_key('PYTHONPATH')):
-                # special case, prepend the builder's items to the existing
-                # ones. This will break if you send over empty strings, so
-                # don't do that.
-                environ['PYTHONPATH'] = (environ['PYTHONPATH']
-                                         + os.pathsep
-                                         + self.environ['PYTHONPATH'])
-                # this will proceed to replace the old one
+            if environ.has_key('PYTHONPATH'):
+                ppath = environ['PYTHONPATH']
+                # Need to do os.pathsep translation.  We could either do that
+                # by replacing all incoming ':'s with os.pathsep, or by
+                # accepting lists.  I like lists better.
+                if not isinstance(ppath, str):
+                    # If it's not a string, treat it as a sequence to be
+                    # turned in to a string.
+                    ppath = os.pathsep.join(ppath)
+                if self.environ.has_key('PYTHONPATH'):
+                    # special case, prepend the builder's items to the
+                    # existing ones. This will break if you send over empty
+                    # strings, so don't do that.
+                    ppath = ppath + os.pathsep + self.environ['PYTHONPATH']
+                environ['PYTHONPATH'] = ppath


[docs: add lots of diagrams describing system architecture
warner at lothar.com**20060731082933] 
[check for duplicate Scheduler names when loading the config file
warner at lothar.com**20060724220113] 
[sample.cfg: simplify the sample BuildFactory
warner at lothar.com**20060721073832] 
[docs: add a table of classes that are useful in master.cfg
warner at lothar.com**20060721053134] 
[Makefile: add some-apidocs target
warner at lothar.com**20060716033339] 
[setup.py: minor comment
warner at lothar.com**20060716033251] 
[rearrange sample.cfg into major sections, update manhole example
warner at lothar.com**20060716033100] 
[twcompat.py: fix minor typo
warner at lothar.com**20060716005716] 
[implement manhole (ssh-based, colorized/line-editing terminal)
warner at lothar.com**20060716005525] 
[fix some epydoc issues
warner at lothar.com**20060716000355] 
[hush t.p.components.Interface deprecation warnings by using twcompat
warner at lothar.com**20060629174902] 
[SVN: add --non-interactive to all spawned commands
warner at lothar.com**20060628200344] 
[bot.py: add minor log message
warner at lothar.com**20060628173957] 
[scripts.runner: remove obsolete mention of mktap
warner at lothar.com**20060628173739] 
[test_steps.py: update to include 'logfiles' argument sent to slave
warner at lothar.com**20060620160753] 
[Trial: track Progress from _trial_temp/test.log too
warner at lothar.com**20060620062223] 
[step.py: generalize OutputProgressObserver
warner at lothar.com**20060620062111] 
[step_twisted.Trial: use logfiles= to get test.log instead of 'cat'
warner at lothar.com**20060620051141] 
[LogFileWatcher: oops, make it work from real BuildSteps
warner at lothar.com**20060620050915] 
[add support for following multiple LogFiles in a ShellCommand
warner at lothar.com**20060620041718] 
[tests: run commands from _trial_temp, not buildbot/test/
warner at lothar.com**20060620035727] 
[slave: refactor Command startup/completion a bit
warner at lothar.com**20060620035556] 
[add test and docs for the (not-yet implemented) watch-multiple-logfiles feature
warner at lothar.com**20060616195742] 
[tests: some rmtree refactoring, and create SlaveCommandTestBase
warner at lothar.com**20060616195352] 
[test_run.py: factor out rmtree
warner at lothar.com**20060616171011] 
[more SignalMixin refactoring
warner at lothar.com**20060616170855] 
[move some test utilities like SignalMixin and FakeSlaveBuilder to a common file
warner at lothar.com**20060616170356] 
[test_vc.P4: rename testBranch to testCheckoutBranch to match others
warner at lothar.com**20060616054020] 
[rearrange BuildStatus.addStepWithName a bit
warner at lothar.com**20060616051059] 
[new LogObserver test, new setupBuildStepStatus utility method
warner at lothar.com**20060616010650] 
[LogObserver: add outReceived and errReceived base methods
warner at lothar.com**20060616010620] 
[improve BuildStepStatus creation and setting
warner at lothar.com**20060616010140] 
[add user's manual sections on LogObservers, writing status plugins
warner at lothar.com**20060615013052] 
[implement TrialTestCaseCounter, a LogObserver that counts test cases run
warner at lothar.com**20060615012902] 
[update step_twisted to new logs['stdio'] scheme
warner at lothar.com**20060615012611] 
[prepare for multiple LogFiles, add LogObservers
warner at lothar.com**20060615012323] 
[add ILogFile/ILogObserver
warner at lothar.com**20060615011055] 
[move STDOUT/STDERR channel constants to buildbot.interfaces
warner at lothar.com**20060615010518] 
[test_p4poller: fix python2.2 compatibility
warner at lothar.com**20060614064751] 
[test_vc (P4): skip test properly if p4 is not installed
warner at lothar.com**20060612083413] 
[ChangeLog: add entry for Perforce patch
warner at lothar.com**20060612082822] 
[test_vc.py (P4): print something useful when we can't start the p4d server
warner at lothar.com**20060612081839] 
[test_vc.py (P4): avoid use of 'sh -c' by passing '-d' to p4 so it won't use PWD
warner at lothar.com**20060612081817] 
[test_vc.py: conditionalize some debug prints
warner at lothar.com**20060612081700] 
[test_vc (P4): make it work
warner at lothar.com**20060612075018] 
[applied patch SF#1473939, initial Perforce support
warner at lothar.com**20060612070100] 
[setup.py: add Trove classifiers for PyPI
warner at lothar.com**20060612071801] 
[fix an oversight in remote_getCurrentBuilds
warner at lothar.com**20060608213947] 
[add a test for the WithProperties/ComparableMixin fix
warner at lothar.com**20060607165017] 
[make WithProperties inherit from ComparableMixin, to avoid spurious config changes
warner at lothar.com**20060606185846] 
[add py2exe support for windows, SF#1401121
warner at lothar.com**20060603201842] 
[MailNotifier: don't double-escape the build URL, fixes SF#1452801
warner at lothar.com**20060603182034] 
[add bug number to the svn-property-change fix
warner at lothar.com**20060603172839] 
[contrib/svn_buildbot.py: handle property changes correctly
warner at lothar.com**20060602155304] 
[fix test_web.py to match the title= change
warner at lothar.com**20060602062538] 
[add a 'reason' tooltip to the yellow start-of-build box
warner at lothar.com**20060602051445] 
[statusgui improvements
warner at lothar.com**20060602032854] 
[set ShellCommand.flunkOnFailure=True by default
warner at lothar.com**20060602032323] 
[gtkPanes.py: update, show steps and ETAs
warner at lothar.com**20060530070602] 
[step_twisted.Trial: set the step name to 'trial', so it shows up properly in status displays
warner at lothar.com**20060530070343] 
[improve test_properties, mitigate the occasional lockup against Twisted-1.3.0
warner at lothar.com**20060529000627] 
[update default trialMode to match current Twisted options
warner at lothar.com**20060528220923] 
[make the sample Manhole config use a localhost-only port
warner at lothar.com**20060528215911] 
[buildbot.texinfo: mention darcs_buildbot.py
warner at lothar.com**20060528181049] 
[fix a silly typo
Brian Warner <warner at lothar.com>**20060528145904] 
[add a .boringfile
warner at lothar.com**20060528075720] 
[stop claiming compatibility with Twisted-1.3.0
warner at lothar.com**20060528075528] 
[add a .boringfile
warner at lothar.com**20060528075508] 
[add a darcs commit-hook change sender
warner at lothar.com**20060528072700] 
[bump versions to 0.7.3+ while between releases
warner at lothar.com**20060528015621] 
[TAG buildbot-0.7.3
warner-buildbot at lothar.com**20060523171236] 
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