Warning: SourceForge anonymous CVS outage throughout April (was: [Buildbot-devel] Where's the latest code?)

Marnix Klooster marnix.klooster at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 04:24:51 UTC 2006

Scott Lamb wrote:

> I'm just updating the p4 patch to apply to the latest code. Where is  
> it? The website says in CVS, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  
> Its latest version is:

[...and goes on to show that the darcs code is newer than the sf.net 
anonymous CVS code]

I just recently found out the hard way that SourceForge is having an 
issue here:

>> Looks like anonymous CVS is not the same as CVS!
>> Don't have time to dig into that now, but your Makefile.am is not the
>> same as what I checked in to the main trunk (like, weeks ago).
>> John
> I found a bit more info on this.  The SourceForge.net site status page 
> says, in an update dated April 3rd: "we have disabled tarball updates 
> and data syncs from the developer CVS server to the anonymous 
> pserver/ViewCVS hosts" 
> (http://sourceforge.net/docman/display_doc.php?docid=2352&group_id=1).  
> According to later updates on this page, because of all kinds of 
> issues, apparently this synchronization is not yet working again. 

Actually, this page says the ETA is "the end of the month of April", but 
"[t]his [...] may not get hit".

So the reply to your question: probably the latest code is in darcs, if 
that's derived from sf.net *developer* CVS.  And I don't know how Brian 
wants you to submit patches...


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