[Buildbot-devel] RFE: load management for build slaves

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Fri Apr 21 01:49:20 UTC 2006

John Pye wrote:
> Hi Stefan
> Your problem sounds a lot like the one tackled by queuing systems in
> beowulf clusters. I think that there is a some reasonably mature
> software for this, so maybe there are be some wheels that could be
> reused in this.


> I have to say that I think that the paradigm for
> BuildBot is rather different that that of a queuing system. In BuildBot,
> the assumption is that you have a whoel stack of different machines with
> different compilers/architecture, etc, so when you specify a task,
> you're pretty clear that you want that task to be run on the specified
> machine.

That is true when you have only one machine per 'host type' (as discussed
in my original mail). I don't think buildbot can be compared to a queuing
system. Both have different goals. For buildbot, a queuing system would be
the means, not the end.

In fact, it might be possible to plug in a queuing system into a buildbot
setup such that a particular step submits a task to a queuing system and
reports back completion when it is notified by the queuing system.

However, I'm not talking about big homogenous clusters, but rather, of
setups where a small number of machines is configured equally and thus
could share the load.
And even if there is just a single machine available, it is important
to be able to limit the number of concurrently executed builders, to
make the machine responsive to other tasks it may be assigned to.


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