[Buildbot-devel] stuck behind a firewall...

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Tue Apr 18 18:16:59 UTC 2006

Brian Warner wrote:
>> On a related note, the mail notifier will require some way to know about
>> URL mappings, too. Being able to provide a prefix replacement or other
>> mapping facility to the Mail constructor would be much appreciated. FWIW.
> Well, the mail notifier uses getURLForThing(), which always returns absolute
> URLs derived from the buildmaster-wide c['buildbotURL'] value, which should
> be set to some suitable world-visible URL.
> What kind of prefix replacement were you thinking of? The question of
> "relative to *what*" comes to mind :).

I'm sorry, the 'related note' above probably needs some explanation. :-)

The 'firewall' starting point reminded me of my own situation where I have
set up a buildbot / waterfall in an intranet that everybody is accessing
through an apache proxy. So, even though on the buildmaster's machine
I run the waterfall client as 'localhost:9000', our apache config uses
some rewrite rule to map that to a URL that is visible to the outside.
Thus, the Mail client needs to be aware of these mappings so it sends out
valid URLs.

Does this make a little more sense now ? Sorry again for being so terse.


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