[Buildbot-devel] RFC: more flexible web status display

John Pye john.pye at student.unsw.edu.au
Wed Apr 12 10:54:49 UTC 2006

Brian Warner wrote:
> if the build takes 30 minutes to run,
> your tree-stable-timer is set to 10 minutes, and you have changes arrive at
> (A) 1:00pm, (B) 1:15pm, and (C) 1:29pm, then:
>  build #1 will start at 1:10, with just change A
>  change B will become eligible for building at 1:25pm
>  build #2 will start at 1:30, with just change B
>  change C will be come eligible for building at 1:39pm
>  build #3 will start at 2:00, with just change C
Hi Brian,

Just out of curiosity on this one, I'm using a subversion 'pull' that
probes the subversion server every five minutes to see if there's been a
changeset committed. If one (or more) have been commited in the last
five minutes, the probe script tells Buildbot using the PBChangeNotify,
I think it was -- but only about the most recent one.

My question is: if there are multiple changes commited in 5 minutes,
then my probe script will tell Buildbot about only a few of those
changes. Does this mean that the blame list will be incomplete, or does
Buildbot *again* query the subversion server to find what revisions have
occurred and who is responsible for them?

If buildbot takes my 'pushed' blame data as complete, then I must modify
my 'svn_watcher' script to ensure that all changesets are submitted to
buildbot, even those that come inbetween the probe interval.


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