[Buildbot-devel] RFC: more flexible web status display

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Wed Apr 12 07:51:12 UTC 2006

> It was in the previous mail:  http://python.org/dev/buildbot/all/
> I don't think there was a problem today, but I think yesterday was
> pretty bad.  Not sure if you can get the old data.  Also, some of the
> changes were on the branch and we lock one branch while the other is
> running.

Yeah, unfortunately I hard-coded too much into the Waterfall class, and it
isn't easy to see older data. The information is there, underneath, and I
could have sworn that there used to be a query argument you could append to
the URL that would show you older data, but I wasn't able to find it just

Anyway, from the builds that *are* shown, it seems to be behaving as
designed. Be aware that the tree-stable-timer is still in effect for changes
that arrive while a build is running: if the build takes 30 minutes to run,
your tree-stable-timer is set to 10 minutes, and you have changes arrive at
(A) 1:00pm, (B) 1:15pm, and (C) 1:29pm, then:

 build #1 will start at 1:10, with just change A
 change B will become eligible for building at 1:25pm
 build #2 will start at 1:30, with just change B
 change C will be come eligible for building at 1:39pm
 build #3 will start at 2:00, with just change C

Again, the tree-stable-timer is a tradeoff between minimizing builds and
reducing latency of test results.

If you see a specific build that didn't pick up all the changes you thought
it should, give me the build number and I'll take a look. While the Waterfall
may not be able to show much historical data, the just-one-build URLs *do*
make it each to look into the past, and those pages (linked from the "Build
#NNN" text in the yellow box that starts each build) show all the Changes
that went into each build.


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