[Buildbot-devel] html.Waterfall capabilities

Marnix Klooster marnix.klooster at gmail.com
Wed Apr 12 05:16:49 UTC 2006

Stefan Seefeld wrote:

> As I'm adding more and more schedulers / builders to my buildbot setup,
> I'm wondering how to keep things structured and accessible. The default
> html status page contains a flag list of one column per builder.
> Are there any ways to display only a subset (of builders, of 
> schedulers, etc.) ?
> The buildbot at http://www.python.org/dev/buildbot seems to support what
> I have in mind. Is that possible with buildbot 0.7.x ? I can't find
> any mention of such options in the manual / reference.

It is in the 0.7.2 manual 
(http://buildbot.sourceforge.net/manual-0.7.2.html), but it is not too 
obvious (well, it wasn't to me):

> Other optional keys may be set on each Builder:
> |category|
>     If provided, this is a string that identifies a category for the
>     builder to be a part of. Status clients can limit themselves to a
>     subset of the available categories.


> More details are available in the docstrings for each class, use 
> |pydoc buildbot.status.html.Waterfall| to see them. Most status 
> delivery objects take a |categories=| argument, which can contain a 
> list of “category” names: in this case, it will only show status for 
> Builders that are in one of the named categories.

...and yes, this also works for the Waterfall status object constructor.

(Caveat: not used this functionality myself yet.)


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