[Buildbot-devel] Installation notes for FC5

Justin Mason jm at jmason.org
Tue Apr 11 14:28:51 UTC 2006

Gerald Combs writes:
> John Pye wrote:
> > > The only bit that's not nicely resolved with this is the need to provide
> > > the robots.txt file so that google etc leave you alone.
> The ProxyPass directive lets you exclude paths using "!".  Putting
>     ProxyPass /robots.txt !
>     ProxyPass /favicon.ico !
> _before_
>     ProxyPass / http://localhost:8011/
> works for me.

Here's what we used at http://bbmass.spamassassin.org/ and
http://buildbot.spamassassin.org/ --

  RewriteEngine On
  # index: straight through
  RewriteRule ^/$ [P]
  # anything else; proxy, if it doesn't exist as a file/dir
  RewriteCond /var/www/bbmass.spamassassin.org/%{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
  RewriteCond /var/www/bbmass.spamassassin.org/%{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
  RewriteRule ^/(.*)$1 [P]

note the use of %{REQUEST_FILENAME}, which allows you to not have to
update apache conf every time you add a file. ;)

note also btw that mod_proxy has a bug in the 2.0.* line apparently where
it fails to deal with buffering of the chunked encoding -- it'll hang
indefinitely until the stream eventually hits EOF. Sadly we're still stuck
with that version of apache on our servers.  It's been fixed since then,


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