[Buildbot-devel] Problem with dnotify.py on AMD64

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Thu Sep 29 12:00:14 UTC 2005

On Thursday 29 September 2005 20:17 pm, Jeff Pitman wrote:
> Maybe some bit manipulation in dnotify.py causes a 64 bit number to be
> past into fcntl with fcntl checking a maximum upper limit (based on
> 32bit).  It might be educational to see what this output is before the
> call:
I added it
> print self.fd, fcntl.F_NOTIFY, self.flags
> Possibly focusing on the flags part.
and got:
3 1026 2147483678

I guess the fd looks reasonable, 1026 matches the #define for F_NOTIFY 
in /usr/include/bits/fcntl.h, and the flags looks like the problem.

Converting that to hex:

So I tried it without the fnctl.DN_MULTISHOT flag (0x80000000), and it appears 
to work (correctly - each time I make a change, the unittest flags it).

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