[Buildbot-devel] minor nit: remote status clients in "wait" and eta updates

Stephen Davis stephendavis at mac.com
Wed Sep 28 05:46:53 UTC 2005

On Sep 27, 2005, at 4:39 PM, Brian Warner wrote:

>> From: Stephen Davis <stephendavis at mac.com>
>> I finally updated my real-time status client to work with 0.6.6 and
>> noticed that, after the build state changes to "waiting" with an
>> initial ETA of the tree stable timer time, the client doesn't get any
>> more ETA updates until the build starts.  I could just not show the
>> ETA when it's in the waiting state but I thought I'd ask if it would
>> be easy for the master to send ETA updates until the build starts.
> Hm. The short answer is "it wouldn't be too hard, but it's unlikely to
> happen" :).
> And the short question is, what do you need it for?

Oh, I don't really need it, I was just curious if it was an oversight  
or if it was intentional.

> In 0.6.6, the "waiting"-state ETA message is only sent once because  
> the ETA
> value is not going to change. The "building"-state ETA gets sent every
> (configurable but defaults to something like) 30 seconds because  
> the ETA
> keeps changing, as more Progress objects report more progress along  
> various
> metrics. In both cases, the ETA message indicates how many seconds  
> in the
> future the action will be complete. The client is supposed to add  
> this value
> to the current time to get an absolute time, then update their  
> local status
> display however frequently they like to show a countdown. An  
> absolute display
> like "the build will finish at 6pm" does not require constant  
> updating, a
> relative display like "the build will finish in 37 seconds" does.

I figured that it would all change with 0.7's Schedulers but I just  
wanted to get my real-time client back up and running -- it's been  
stale for a loooong time.  Anyway, I mostly wanted to get it working  
again so I could start thinking about hooking it up to a physical  
build stoplight for my team.  :-)


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