[Buildbot-devel] problem in triggering the builds

KR Arun. Chand achand_st at beceem.com
Wed Sep 21 06:03:56 UTC 2005

i ve bin facing a problem .i ve installed buildbot on our server ..
but the build is bin triggered  only when i commit as a user called cvs.
In my master.cfg i have given as 
cvsroot=":pserver:cvs:abc123 at serverip:/cvs/repository"  .(cvs is a user)
when the others commit  it throws up an error that reads fresher did not connect, and the build is not triggerd.i greped for the freshcvs daemon and it's working fine.
i simulated the same(complete buildbot setup) on my pc and i added some unix users , the build is triggered with all the users that i added on to my pc.only on the main server it's giving me this error .
something wrong with the group permission or may be should i type in anonymous instead of cvs.
help me with this :)

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