[Buildbot-devel] Enable force build of arbitrary revision

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Fri Oct 21 00:29:10 UTC 2005

On Friday 21 October 2005 09:50 am, Brian Warner wrote:
> Hrm. I was thinking about this (since I've been adding other status data to
> the per-Build web page anyway).. if the last build was triggered by
> Changes, or by someone requesting a build of a specific revision, then the
> answer is "yes". If the build was effectively a "build HEAD", then the
> answer is "no", at least for right now, because the buildmaster has no way
> of capturing whatever time-varying state was utilized for that build.
If the last build was "build HEAD" then the user didn't care what it was, just 
as long as it was recent. A different recent code snapshot probably isn't all 
that important.  If you do have a specific requirement, then you can possibly 
extract it from the logs?
In the longer term, it'd be very useful for the status reporting to have some 
kind of SourceStamp (so the waterfall display might not be "Build 113", but 
would be "Build of 439506", and the email message or IRC announcement can 
tell you what rev it matches. 

> Would anyone who is currently exposing force-build controls and who also
> plans to take advantage of the multiple-branch stuff in the next release be
> concerned about that force-build button allowing builds of arbitrary
> branches to be started? If so, would a simple "allowBranches" flag next to
> the existing "allowForce" flag ease that concern?
It does concern me - right now I'm keeping an eye on it, and will turn 
allowForce off if I have problems.

I'd really like to have some form of "authorised users". I want to expose the 
HTML status display to the world, but I don't want arbitrary users hammering 
my buildslaves. Equally, I'd like to allow "try" patch uploads for authorised 
users. [ Stray thought - only GPG signed patches matching known good keys?]

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