[Buildbot-devel] Buildbot improvements

Gerald Combs gerald at ethereal.com
Fri Oct 7 14:46:44 UTC 2005

Nathaniel Smith wrote:

> Some thoughts on related veins:
>   -- it'd be nice in general to have better UI for "groups" of
>      buildslaves.  Our buildbot:
>        http://venge.net:9000
>      is already too wide, and in an ideal world we'd have lots _more_
>      columns there.  Mostly this is because we want to test lots of
>      different variants of basically similar setups... having some UI
>      way to group related slaves together at the top level, and then
>      drill down, would be nice, and seem to fit in with your
>      multi-slave stuff.

We're about to run into the same problem here.  Instead of the current
waterfall I'd like to have a page that showed the status of each slave
at the top and a list of events below that.  Here's an example in ASCII:

Builder  Status            Last Update
slave1   build successful  2005-10-07 05:32
slave2   failed compile    2005-10-07 02:54
slave3   checkout          2005-10-07 10:07
slave4   build successful  2005-10-07 07:24

Time   Builder  Description
10:07  slave3   started checkout
10:07  slave3   finished delay
10:06  slave3   started delay
10:06  slave3   started build 193
07:24  slave4   finished test4
07:05  slave4   started test4
07:05  slave4   finished compile
06:55  slave4   started compile
05:32  slave1   ...

Instead of growing to the right the list of slaves would grow down,
which is a better use of space IMHO.

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