[Buildbot-devel] Problem with retry=() without checkout

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Tue Oct 4 03:16:08 UTC 2005

> In my setup, the changes are generated from a mail that comes
> from the main SVN repo, but the build is done off a mirror. 
> Naturally, sometimes the mirror doesn't have the change
> (it then blows away the whole checkout, and it fails again).

We hit a similar problem with sourceforge's 5-hour anoncvs update latency. My
advice would be to modify the Scheduler you're using to insert some delay
between the time the changes come in and the time the build is started. (the
tree-stable-timer is closely related, and can probably be used to accomplish
this, but the precise answer is to have a second timer that gets triggered
when the tree-stable-timer expires, which just puts off the submitBuildSet by
whatever the mirror's latency is).

Actually, given that sf.net does their anoncvs mirror push off a cronjob, we
could just write a Scheduler that knows the schedule of those jobs, and
arranges for a build to be started a few minutes after the mirror pulse.
Cheesy, but it would provide for an absolute minimum latency build...

> It seems OK (still testing this, since it is a race, afterall), except
> where there is no checkout. Then it throws a svn exception ("heh,
>  that purple colour isn't good!"):

Oops.. I'll take a look at this one later tonight.


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