[Buildbot-devel] Retrieving build results

Marc Sibson sibson at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 15:26:53 UTC 2005

Hmm, now I'll have to think on this release process some more..

> I'd suggest having a 'make release' target, which creates a timestamped or
> sequence-numbered release, and perhaps puts some build products (tarballs,
> rpms, etc) in some well-known location. When official builds are being made,
> 'make release VERSION=1.2.3' can do the right thing.

Ok, running with the process in the source. The question then becomes
how do I push the VERSION=1.2.3 into buildbot in order to create a
release via buildbot?  Unless I'm missing the obvious I'd have to have
sourcestamped unmergable BuildRequest that added VERSION=1.2.3 to all
its BuildSteps environment.  Then I'd need to inject the BuildRequest
into buildbot.

> The design question that comes to my mind is what to do with these (large)
> files once they arrive. I think I could imagine adding an
> IBuildStatus.getProduct(name) or getFile() method, which could return an open
> file handle pointing at the tarball contents or something. I'm not super
> excited about the idea of large files populating the master-side Builder's
> directory, but maybe with some suitable old-build-pruning code this wouldn't
> seem so bad.

Regarding the large files accumulating, would it actually be necessary
to store the files on the master past the builds duration?  Could you
just make them available to IBuildStatus on completion and leave the
responsibility of archiving to the status plugins and build steps?

Thanks for the feedback,

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