[Buildbot-devel] configuration help

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Tue Nov 29 08:46:25 UTC 2005

> The bot correctly connects to my channel, but nothing is ever
> printed to indicate a build has finished.
> However, I can query the status fine.

Yup, that's the normal behavior. Until I get to review and merge Brad Hard's
patch, the IRC bot is passive: it only responds to your queries, it doesn't
spontaneously announce status of its own. (see message
<200510252000.14078.bradh at frogmouth.net>, on 25-Oct-2005, for a copy of the
patch). I'm hoping to add some new IM status clients (specifically AIM and
Jabber), so I'd like to factor out the 'query' and 'announce' portions of the
current buildbot.status.words status plugin into something less IRC-centric,
and thus re-use it for the other IM backends.

> Also, not being up-to-speed with twisted yet, I'm wondering
> how to set up a notification client that will send a message
> to a particular tcp port on the local machine.

For the send-a-message part, you'll want to use reactor.connectTCP and write
a Protocol subclass that does self.transport.write() from within the
Protocol.connectionMade() method. You'll want to read through several of the
Twisted HOWTO documents for some examples. For the buildbot part, you should
copy one of the existing status plugins (probably the email sender), and
basically replace the body of buildFinished(). Of course, it depends a lot
upon what sort of message you want to send.. if it's just a simple string,
use a simple Protocol subclass. If it's a more complicated protocol, say
XMLRPC or something, Twisted probably has the a base class that will make
your life much easier.

hope that helps,

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