[Buildbot-devel] configuration help

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Fri Nov 25 22:19:13 UTC 2005

> Ok, I'll think about it some more, too. May be I can send in a patch to the
> PBChangeSource class that would take such a branch discriminator callable
> in its constructor, and then applies it to each change, if no 'branch' key
> is set ?

Yeah, I'd accept a patch like that. FYI, I'm unsatisfied with the way that
prefix= gets handled (specifically that it gets used differently by
PBChangeSource and the Maildir sources). prefix= is closely related to branch
handling, and now that we've got more support for distinct branches, perhaps
it should go away. If it stays, I want to have it be a simple
string.startswith() -style prefix match instead of the unnecessarily
complicated os.path.split() approach that PBChangeSource has right now. That
would mean that the sep= argument could go away too.

> You may want to consider processing your code with something like happydoc
> to generate a ref manual for all those gory details. That would complement
> some high level design document (and tutorial) quite nicely.

Hmm, good idea. I'll look into that. I'll also see if the various API
pointers in the texinfo docs could be made to point to the generated epydoc
HTML files too.


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