[Buildbot-devel] PATCH: make svn_buildbot.py branch-aware

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Fri Nov 25 22:15:49 UTC 2005

Please find attached a patch that makes the svn_buildbot.py script
aware of svn branches. For each branch that got modified by the
current checkin, a change notification is sent to the build master.

Here I use the default subversion convention to put the main trunk
into 'trunk/', and branches into 'branches/branch_1', 'branches/branch_2', etc.

The main idea is that the svn_buildbot.py script should be callable
only using the REPO and REVISION arguments, i.e. no preprocessing
is required to determine additional arguments.

This is just to illustrate the idea, i.e. I'm not suggesting the
code to be adopted as-is. Putting the actual layout (i.e. names
of branches associated with directory prefixes) into a separate
config file may be a good idea, in an attempt to make the svn_buildbot.py
sript reusable out-of-the-box.

Also, I'm not sure how such a branch-detection mechanism works
in conjunction with 'include'/'exclude' options, thus I simply
removed these options from my patch. Again, this is merely
the outline of an idea.

Comments and criticism are more than welcome.

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