[Buildbot-devel] Can't make schedulers trigger a build

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Thu Nov 24 21:47:32 UTC 2005

> However, the svn_buildbot.py script mentions :
> "/path/to/svn_buildbot.py --repository "$REPOS" --revision "$REV" 
> --bbserver localhost --bbport 9987"
> but it seems that the PBChangeSource is listening on port 9989 (i 
> suppose it is given by the c['slavePortnum'] = 9989 in the master.cfg) 
> by default.

Ah, good point.. I'll update svn_buildbot.py to match the port in the sample
master.cfg . And yes, your guess is correct, PBChangeSource is currently
limited to sharing the slaveport. I intend to fix that in the future, but it
will require some more infrastructure work (some sort of PB "dispatcher"
object) that I haven't designed yet.

> I've changed the SVN class constructor to get more parameters (svnUser 
> and svnPassword). When they are given, the various svn commands executed 
> use the --username and --password command line switches.

Hmm.. does this mean the password is visible to anyone who looks at the
checkout log? Is there a way to pass it in some non-visible way? Or, I
suppose if the username being used only has read-only permissions, it
probably doesn't matter too much.

FYI, most of the buildbot installations I know of are either completely
public (the buildmaster is world-visible, and the buildslaves use the same
read-only checkout mechanisms like anonymous-CVS or http: URLs that the
general public uses), or completely closed (the buildmaster is behind a
firewall, sometimes the buildslave accounts get just as much authority as
regular developers, so they technically have the permissions to commit
changes to the repository, but this doesn't matter because nobody outside the
company can see the build logs).


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