[Buildbot-devel] setting the description field for ShellCommand

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Tue Nov 8 07:40:20 UTC 2005

> After changing from setting name to setting description, the buildbot
> status page and failure mails say things like "failed shell_1 failed
> shell_2" on a failure instead of the nice name I had before, which is
> a bit annoying.

Yeah, if there are multiple Steps with the same name=, the Build uniquifies
them by adding a numerical suffix.

Although.. I thought the description= text got used for the overall build
text too, rather than the name= . Grep around for 'text2', which is a
different list of strings that each BuildStep can contribute to the overall
Build's text. That "failed shell_1" stuff is coming from text2. Maybe the
code which generates that needs to be updated to use description= .

Also, you can always set both name= and description= if that helps.


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