[Buildbot-devel] setting the description field for ShellCommand

John Blair John.Blair at Sun.COM
Tue Nov 1 23:10:59 UTC 2005

I need to run commands before our source tree is ready for buildbot to
run "make".  I've been using ShellCommand to do this, but b/c it shows
the first 2 words in the command the resulting column in the waterfall
display is very wide.

To allow me to run arbitrary shell commands and set the displayed
description field, I wrote this object:

class DescribedShellCommand(ShellCommand):

    name = "described shell command"
    warnOnFailure = True

    def __init__(self, **kwargs):
        self.description = kwargs['description']
        self.descriptionDone = kwargs['descriptionDone']
        ShellCommand.__init__(self, **kwargs)

This lets me write steps like this in the master.cfg file:

                command = ["cp", "foo/bar/baz/Makefile.foo", "."],
                description = ["build", "prep"],
                descriptionDone = ["prep done"])

Is there a better way to do this than what I've done?


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